When you buy a MLS® listed home with me and my team, I will give you a rebate via cheque within 15 business days after the completion of the transaction. One of the reasons I am making this cashback program available to qualified buyers, is to help them offset some of the costs associated with the rising cost of becoming a home owner and at the same time foster mutual long-term relationships.

Here is how the cash back program works:

Rebate is guaranteed in writing and paid personally by Nima Rashidi via cheque and not Net More Real Estate Inc..

Rebate is to be paid to qualified buyer/s within 21 days of closing. Buyers are required to enter into an exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement from the onset and purchase an MLS® Listed home offering a minimum of 2.25% commission or dollar value equivalent.

The Commission rebate percentage can be up to 50%. The Rebate is calculated on property purchase price Net of HST (if applicable) times commission percentage offered by seller or builder times commission rebate percentage.

Rebate is only paid to the name(s) registered on the agreement of purchase and sale.

Rebates are NOT offered on pre-construction sales or on properties listed FOR SALE by Nima Rashidi.

Rebates are not valid with any other offers or programs.

Now, here is an example of on how it works;

John and Jane are loyal clients that purchased a home in Bradford after we visited 10 detached homes together. The purchase price was $650,000 and they received a rebate of $8,125.00.

Here is the Math:
a) Purchase price: $650,000

b) Commission offered: 2.5% (this percentage may vary)

c) Commission rebate percentage: 50% (loyal clients that visited 10 properties)

$650,000 x 2.5% = $16,250 x 50% = $8,125.00